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19 Recipes To Make With Leftover Pound Cake 

19 Recipes To Make With Leftover Pound Cake
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Got leftover pound cake but not sure what to do with it? How about turning it into a decadent trifle, a sweet bread pudding, or even grilling it for a twist on dessert? Get creative and make your leftovers the star of the show! Check out these 19 Recipes To Make With Leftover Pound Cake!

cake pops

  1. Cake Balls 

Get ready to impress with these delightful Cake Balls! Using pound cake, frosting, and candy melts, these little bites are bursting with fun and flavor! Perfect for gifting or transforming into adorable cake pops, they’re sure to be a hit at any occasion!

  1. Cake Truffles 

Cake truffles! Made with cake crumbs, frosting, and candy melts, then topped with colorful sprinkles, these little delights are completely customizable.

  1. Cakesicles

Wondering what to make with leftover pound cake? Learn how to make your own cakesicles with this easy step-by-step tutorial! Get tips for troubleshooting and decorating, and whip up any flavor you crave! 

  1. Cakesicles  

Check out these adorable cakesicles! Surprisingly easy to whip up, they’re a cute and fun treat for any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday bash or a special celebration, you can customize them to match your theme perfectly!

  1. Easy Christmas Cake Ball Truffles 

Spread holiday cheer with homemade gifts! Try these Easy Christmas Cake Ball Truffles—they’re perfect for sharing with loved ones. Pack them up in pretty boxes with a ribbon for an extra festive touch! 

  1. No Bake Lemon Cake Balls Recipe With Fruity Pebbles

Wondering what to make with leftover pound cake? Check out this easy Lemon Cake Balls recipe with Fruity Pebbles! No baking required! Perfect for a quick and tasty treat. 

Trifles To Make With Leftover Pound Cake 

  1. English Christmas Trifle 

Get ready to savor the taste of the holidays with Christmas Trifle! Layered with pound cake, crème anglaise, fresh fruit, and whipped cream, this classic English dessert is a must-try. This version features raspberries and poached pears for a deliciously beautiful twist! 

  1. Cake In A Jar 

Try Cake in a Jar or Mason Jar Cakes for a fun, portable dessert you can customize! Great for gifts, parties, and holidays! Just grab your leftover pound cake and get started. 

  1. Lemon Raspberry Trifles 

Wondering what to make with leftover pound cake? Enjoy the elegance of Lemon Raspberry Trifles! Whether in a big bowl or cute individual glasses, they’re a delightful treat for any occasion. 

  1. Traditional English Trifles 

Try making individual English trifles for a deliciously simple dessert! Perfect for using up leftover cake, and you can switch up the colors and fruit to match the season!

  1. Caramel Chocolate Trifle 

Caramel Chocolate Trifle! Layered with chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, fudge sauce, caramel, and whipped topping, this decadent treat is as easy to make as it is to enjoy!

  1. Strawberry Trifle 

Looking for the perfect summer dessert? Try a Strawberry Trifle! Layered with angel food cake, fresh berries, and a creamy no-bake cheesecake filling, it’s both beautiful and delicious! Plus, it’s a make-ahead wonder, ideal for parties and potlucks! 

  1. Spiced Pumpkin Trifle 

Wow, just tried the Spiced Pumpkin Trifle and it was incredible! Definitely a top pick for fall desserts—chunks of spice cake, pudding, and whipped topping make it a winner!

  1. English Trifle With Custard

Wow your guests with a mouthwatering English trifle! Layers of angel food cake soaked in sherry and jam, creamy custard, and fluffy whipped cream make this dessert a guaranteed hit! Perfect for Christmas or any special occasion! 

what to make with leftover pound cake
  1. Strawberry Cream Trifle 

New dessert alert! Try out this easy and delicious Strawberry Cream Trifle—it’s perfect for any occasion! With layers of fresh strawberries, whipped ricotta and cream, and fluffy pound cake, it’s sure to impress your guests.

More Ideas 

what to make with leftover pound cake
  1. Birthday Cake Ice Cream 

Wondering what to make with leftover pound cake? Get the party started with homemade birthday cake ice cream! Packed with rainbow sprinkles and loads of cake pieces, it’s a celebration in every scoop! 

what to make with leftover pound cake
  1. Orange Boodle 

Ever heard of Orange Boodle? It’s not super famous, but it totally should be! Check out this light and refreshing British pudding – you won’t regret it! 

what to make with leftover pound cake
  1. Cupcake Push Pops 

Ever wondered how to whip up push pop cupcakes? With the holidays around the corner, it’s baking season in our house! Give these a try today and wow your guests! 

what to make with leftover pound cake
  1. Strawberry Shortcake Fruit Salad 

Wondering what to make with leftover pound cake? Introducing the ultimate summer dessert: Strawberry shortcake fruit salad with a delicious strawberry crunch topping! Light, airy, and oh-so-delicious, it’s a must-try treat! If you’re a fan of strawberry crumble, this easy fruit salad recipe is definitely for you. 

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